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SMO is known to be the one thing which might be able to excel even SEO in its effectiveness. When both of these run side by side, you know that your site will be able to gain the most exposure, and your growth rate would basically double. However, SMO might not turn out to be as effective if you’re doing it yourself. It would just end up being an excessive amount of burden on your shoulders, along with running your business. When it comes to SEO and SMO, it is always infinitely better to have a helping hand.

It is true that choosing a good, reliable company to provide you with SMO services can be a hard job, but a little research and getting to know the well known companies in a better way can help you figure out which company will turn out to suit you in the best way.

We, at Infomart Digital, have several customers who have been completely satisfied with our SMO services, and we continue to provide these services to hundreds of different businesses from all fields.

Following are some aspects of our SMO Services:


  • We use all kinds of Social Media Sites to make sure that there is a large, significant presence of your business on all platforms. In this way, traffic will be drawn to your website from the platforms which are being used very frequently by the people.
  • With the help of our modern and advanced techniques, we figure out which kind of traffic is more responsive. Thus, we try to reach out to the same kind of audience in a more persuasive way, making sure that every sliver of our hard work pays off.
  • As we provide SMO services in Mumbai, we make sure that most of the traffic we attract is local, so that there is a greater chance that people will reach out to your business.  The conversion rate will thus increase greatly if you opt for a local SMO service.
  • Ultimately, our Social Media Agency will greatly help with improving your ranking in search engines, making sure you really come amongst the top.
  • To top it up, we provide all of our services in the most affordable budget.

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How Does SMO Differ from SEO?

There are several ways in which a website can gain a huge audience, and one of the very famous ways includes SEO and SMO services. You’ll find all the top service providers, including Infomart Digital, providing you with both SEO and SMO services, but what actually is the difference between these two services?

SMO services basically revolve around social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are just a few of the social media platforms which are being widely used all over the world. Through these platforms, your presence over the internet can be made prominent, and even the people living thousands of miles away from you would be able to discover you.

When you refer to the best SMO services in Mumbai which you can find, you will see that the services being provided mainly include the latest marketing strategies, including Email Marketing, as well as a huge social media presence and follower count.

When compared to this, if we have a look at the SEO services, it basically revolves around the optimization of the features of your particular website. In this way, it can be made sure that your website appears early amongst the search results. It makes easier for the people to be able to find you, as you will be appearing way up in the result, which are known to be the ones that people normally click.

At Infomart Digital, which is a social media marketing agency in Mumbai, you will find that both the SEO and SMO services go hand in hand. Both of these services include different, diverse features. As a whole, they have a single goal; to bring more traffic to your website. SMO services use the means of Social Media Platforms, while the SEO services improve the visibility of your site under search engine results.

Both of these things, however, work towards making your site much more prominent, by targeting the exact audience you need. This audience is then attracted to covert by the modern, up-to-date technology, bringing into use psychology as well as complex techniques.

This way, when both SMO and SEO services are being used, it is made sure that everyone is fully aware of your potential, and the reason why they should convert.

Why you need SMO Services?

One of the most essential things a website might need for its development is SMO. Via Social Media Optimization, you can do far more than just gain exposure and extra visibility.

  • According to the latest Algorithm by Google, the Hummingbird, the way a website is ranked within the search results has been changed. Now, your website appears under the search results in accordance with how much your site is being shared. If the maximum number of people find your content to be high quality and relevant, you website will automatically appear higher in the search results. For this reason, SMO is an important part of SEO as well.
  • Through Social Media Websites, you are always able to get better insights on how your audience is reacting to your business. Important things can be worked, out, including the kind of audience to mainly target, as well as the kind of advertising that people respond in a good way to.

All of these things, however, require a lot of time and determination. To keep up the follower count and keep your audience engaged, you will need to post very frequently. Apart from that, maintaining the quality of your content is also an important part of it. As a whole, it becomes a burden too huge, and you probably cannot deal with it on your own. A helping hand, such as Infomart, a social media agency in Mumbai, will really help with this issue. You can sit back while the services are being provided to you by us, and you can have full confidence as our time tries their best to help your website prosper by providing you with the latest SMO services.

How we do what we do

To simply put it, Digital Marketing has really managed to take the place of the traditional marketing, with its use of the newest technology and updated techniques. We at Infomart work hard to provide our clients with the best Digital Marketing services; we make sure that you’re getting the most out of digital marketing. In order to do that, our digital marketing agency in Mumbai goes through a series of vital procedures and special techniques, according to a particular structure, so that we can do our tasks in the best ways possible. Following are some of the ways in which we complete our tasks;

  • Our Sales and Marketing department takes care of dealing with the clients, making sure that all of them receive the best kind of high quality services. They help set the expectations which the clients have, along with spreading awareness about how we do our job.
  • Then there are our project teams, in which each team specialises in their own particular thing. These can include specialists in SEO, SMO, Content Writing and several other sectors. Each team has an effective project manager to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • The Web Design and Development team is there to make sure that the designing of your website is perfect to boost the audience. This helps benefit your website, so that the greatest amount of audience visits and converts on your website.
  • The Customer Relationship Team makes sure that the clients are satisfied with the services they are receiving from us throughout. This team will see to every step of the progress, and will be taking feedbacks from the clients.
  • The sector for the Analysing of the Quality and report makes sure that the quality is rechecked once more, including the authenticity and uniqueness of the content that is being provided. They also make sure that everything that is being done with their website is continuously reported to the clients.

In this way, several tasks are distributed to different sections in the agency, so that everything is being focused upon, and the system runs smoothly.

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